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Literatura y otras disciplinas/discursos



A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology

by José Ángel García Landa

(University of Zaragoza, Spain)



Literature and Other Disciplines /

Other Discourses


Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: General

Literature and Authority

Literature and Belief

Literature and Biology

Literature and Cognition

Literature and Crime

Literature and Democracy

Literature and Death. See Death.

Literature and Desire

Literature and Didacticism

Literature and Drugs. See Motifs. D motifs. Drugs. Literature and drugs.

Literature and Economy

Literature and Ecology. See Motifs. E motifs. Ecology. Ecology and literature.

Literature and Emotions

Literature and Experience

Literature and Film. See Film and Literature.

Literature and Games.

Literature and Geography.

Literature and Identity

Literature and Imperialism. See Literature and Colonialism; Imperialism.

Literature and Industry (Literary Industry).

Literature and Insight

Literature and Internet. See Internet. Internet, literature, criticism.

Literature and Knowledge

Literature and Linguistics. See Structuralism; Stylistics.

Literature and Madness

Literature and Marginality

Literature and the Mass Media

Literature and Mathematics

Literature and Medicine

Literature and Myth. See Myth;  Myth criticism.

Literature and Parapsychology

Literature and Photography. See Photography.

Literature and Play

Literature and Pleasure

Literature and Prison. See Prisoners (motifs).

Literature and Power

Literature and Psychopathology

Literature and Reality

Literature and Recordings

Literature and Subversion

Literature and the Supernatural

Literature and Time. See T motifs. Time. Literature and Time.

Literature and Truth

Literature and Violence. See Motifs. V motifs. Violence. Violence and literature.

Literature and the Visionary





Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: General


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See also Interdisciplinarity; Interdisciplinary narratology.





Authority and literature


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Belief and literature


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See also Beliefs; Fictionality; Aesthetic attitude.





Biology and literature


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See also Evolutionary cultural theory; Science and literature.







Crime and Literature


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Democracy and Literature


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Desire and Literature


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Didacticism and Literature


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Economy and Literature


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See also Patronage.




Emotions and Literature


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See also Emotions; Emotion (in art).




Experience and Literature


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Games and Literature


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See also Geography; Space in literature; Travel books.





Identity and Literature


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Imperialism and literature. See Colonialism and Literature; Imperialism.




Industry and Literature (Literary Industry)


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See also Industry; Industrial revolution, Industrial society.





Insight and literature


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Knowledge and Literature


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See also Knowledge; Education and literature; Experience and literature; Insight and literature.










Madness and Literature


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See also Madness; Dementia.




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See also Mass Media.




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See also Illness; Traumas.









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